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Gospel Music

Do you know that feeling when spiritual music moves you insomuch that you want to tell  everyone about it? Download gospel music and you will definitely get this kind of experience.  Gospel (which means “good news”) is characterized as Christian music through which the ideas of Christianity are spread all over the world. 

The roots of this genre go deep into the traditions of African-American church. In 1800s,  African-American churche adapted sacred songs, spirituals and hymns into the public worship. Initially these songs were sung at celebrations and accompanied by foot stamping and hand claps.  In 30s the structure of traditional gospel music changed significantly. This was due to Thomas Dorsey (known for his song called “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”), a composer and jazz pianist, who invented gospel blues, which combined the elements of blues, jazz and traditional gospel. 

After World War II, gospel music moved to the big scene. In 50s Joe Bostic organized Negro Gospel Music Festival with an extensive list of musicians. Today gospel music has gained significant recognition of both black and white audiences. A  lot of gospel artists became popular in 90s. In 1992, Kirk Franklin organized a 17-voice choir  called “The Family”. Once they released their debut album, it was the first time when gospel music  won platinum status.  Famous Nigerian gospel singers and song writers of 90s and 2000s usually started as  members of musical groups in churches and choirs. For instance, Lara George (known for her songs “Dansaki”, “Mu Mi Dele”, “Ijoba Orun”, etc), Frank Edwards (“Chicken Raid”,  “Terraplane Blues”, “Sweet Man Blues”), and Sinach (“Great Are You Lord”, “From Glory to  Glory”, “I Know Who I Am”) and other talented artists won a number of Nigerian and International  music awards.