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Reggae music emerged in late 60s in Jamaica. Some use this term to describe the most of

types of Jamaican dance music, however, it denotes a separate style that evolved along with such

genres as rocksteady, ska, dub, and dancehall. The roots of reggae come from calypso, Afro-

Caribbean music, and spiritual songs.


The alternation from earlier styles to reggae happened due to the Jamaican musicians like

Winston Wright and Jackie Mitto, as well as Clancy Eccles with his single Say What You're Saying

(1967) and Lee “Scratch” Perry with his Funny Boy (1968). Reggae band The Pioneers, Jamaican

vocal trio, has released a song Long Shot at 1968, which is considered as the first recorded sound

that currently is known as reggae.


The most amazing thing about reggae songs is that they have spread all over the world and

despite the fact that this style doesn’t origin from America or Europe, it is listened by people from

every region of the world. People who download reggae music found of something more than just

enjoying the groove. This sound shares the culture of the third world nation, which comes from a

small country that created such a popular music style without any corporate hype.


Many liberation movements of third world countries were inspired by reggae musicians.

Bob Marley’s songs and lyrics, in particular Simmer Down (1964) Get Up, Stand Up (1973),

expressed his glimpse on social issues and made other people pay attention to them. Marley’s music

unified people and earned Jamaica a global admiration.