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Greatest one-album wonders

“One album wonder” is a special term dedicated to the bands or separate singers who have released just one really well-known album. From the other hand, “one hit wonder album” may be referred to either musician or band who have become prominent due to just a single album.


Greatest albums of all times

“The Beatles”, “Pink Floyd”, “Queen”, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, “The Rolling Stones”… The list of the best bands in the music history is actually endless. Every band and singer released more than one album that can be included in the list of the greatest albums of all times.


Greatest Bob Dylan songs

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Bob Dylan is the second most important figure in the history of rock music after The Beatles. Covers of his songs at different times were played by such prominent bands as Green Day, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, White Stripes, etc.


Greatest guitarists of all time

While watching any band`s performance or listening to a favorite song, people often see or hear only the singer`s activity. Spectators frequently completely forget about the other musicians, namely, virtuoso guitarists who play an equally crucial role in the band`s success.


Best David Bowie Music Videos

David Bowie music videos have always attracted attention by its unusual presentation and charm. One of the most legendary British rockers often liked to change his image in various clips. That is why Bowie`s videos often called “chameleon of rock music”.