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15 greatest stars' naked moments

Nudity has always been popular among stars. Life of celebrities attracts attention of millions of people from around the world. Fans are interested in how stars live, what they eat, in which shops they buy clothes and how they look like without it. That's why nude photos of stars cause interest.


Top 10 singles of 1984

The best singles of 1984 are still very popular worldwide. Many fans will never forget such prominent star-bands of 80s as ZZ Top, Scorpions, Queen, Van Halen, or Dead or Alive. But there are hundreds of another singers and bands that are undoubtedly worth our attention. How to choose the best ones?


Best 80's music videos of all time

80's music is very diverse and saturated with huge cohort of committed artists. Musicians of different genres constantly competed for audience attention. 80s are considered the golden era of hip-hop, heavy metal, rock, punk and electronics. At this time the greatest 80s music videos were released.


Most misheard song lyrics of all time

Probably every person while listening to any foreign song thought about one simple thing: what are they singing about? Many people comfort themselves with the fact that they are not native speakers that is why they fail to understand.


Has Wiley teamed up with JME?

The prominent British MC has given us some thoughts to think that he partners with JME, co-founder of the popular label and grim collective Boy Better Know.