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Fresh articles and news – Page 3

Top 15 90's albums

Many critics admit that as a great musical epoch the 90s began late and ended early on. The considerable part of the best 90s albums keeps on rejoicing millions of fans` hearts. The 90`s music is both rich, deep, and exciting. 90s album songs are characterized by surprising sound and clarity.


Sting releases a new song

The prominent British singer has made public a new song. Recent deaths of such outstanding rock idols as Prince and David Bowie have inspired Sting.


Top 15 surprising Grammy award winners

A Grammy is one of the most important Recording Academy awards to distinguish exceptional triumph in the music industry. The yearly presentation ceremony shows both performances by the highest-flying artists, and the awarding of those people that have the most admired attention.


10 songs we had no idea were about drugs

There is a serious option of creating a separate rock encyclopedia, which would tell the history of popular music in the order in which the musicians wrote their songs about forbidden substances. There are many grim songs, which describe the effects of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and hallucinogens.


Emo music bands: Best albums in the history

Emo is a music genre characterized by emotional and expressive lyrics. It emerged as a style of post-hardcore from the mid-80s punk movement of Washington, D.C. There it was called “emocore” or “emotional hardcore”.


Best singers of all time

Best singers of all time are known throughout the world. They are not just the greatest musicians but also composers and vocalist. It usually takes both female and male singers great efforts to become a real professional in what they do. To become a celebrated singer, one should always work hard.