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Shirley Manson releases new “Garbage” music video

Shirley Manson releases new “Garbage” music video

The “Garbage” vocalist discovers a troubling laboratory in the group`s new music video titled “Magnetized”.

In this creepy video clip the prominent musician Shirley Manson holds court in a laboratory fit for a horror movie. A cruel scientists` research on little kids wearing TV screens which are projecting veiny eyeballs. Ten a threatened little girl is walking down a hallway, carrying a bear with his eyes glowing.

Shirley Manson commented on the band`s new video in the following way:

“We made the video clip for “Magnetized” at Pancake Mountain Headquarters in Los Angeles with an unbelievably talented team under the madcap direction of my neighbor Scott Stuckey. We just desired to create an ode to the magic of science and all the possible mysteries of love”.

“Magnetized” is actually an industrial-rock highlight from Garbage's newly revealed sixth studio album. It is titled “Strange Little Birds”. Early in spring Manson already talked about all the album's susceptible themes with journalists.

At that time the great singer explained her personal attitude to the band`s new music:

"It struck me the last time we were on the road that I've never really written much about love or fragility or vulnerability," she said. "I wasn't sure why this was the case, but I wanted to address that because I feel like every time you make a record you feel like, this might be the last record I make. I might die tomorrow. I may as well try and speak about the things I want to speak about now”.

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