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Todd Snider to reveal new album “Eastside Bulldog”

Todd Snider to reveal new album “Eastside Bulldog”

The prominent American composer and singer releases his new album on October 7.

This seems like the kind of pie-eyed exercise guaranteed to bring pain the next morning — from the listen-back as much as the hangover — Snider suggests that it played a crucial role in his latest evolution as an artist. “It was a very freeing thing to do," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "It ended up being really valuable. That night helped me to move on.”

When he first lurched into the studio to start hollering his way through the songs that would later become Eastside Bulldog, Snider remembers facing a series of frustrations. “My family that I grew up with, my brother and my mom, I get hate mail from them more than anyone," he explains. "There was a year there where I had to face it”.

“After Excitement Plan I realized that songwriting is as dumb as anything”, the singer admits. “It's the same as crushing a beer against your head and chanting “U.S.A.” it’s a way to distract yourself from your death”.

This is the spirit that imbues “Eastside Bulldog”, the first full-length from Elmo, which follows the 2011 EP Shit Sandwich: hammering piano, bludgeoning horns, a walloping backbeat, and anarchic group vocals. The goal is speed and ruckus; lines often alternate between goofy — "this song is even better than it sounds," Elmo assures listeners — manifesto-like: "I'm a burned out musician, and I'm proud of it!"

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