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Best motivational workout songs 2016

Best motivational workout songs 2016

If your workout becomes monotonous and routine, there is a great way out. Your fitness regimen and attitude to sport can be quickly changed if you your workout songs playlist will be updated with the best workout song of 2016. And we will gladly help you with it.

Many recent studies have already proven that corresponding music is able to both increase your heart rate and improve your mood and training performance while exercising.

Now you need no energy drinks. All you need is to record our list of the best gym workout songs on your player. These best motivational workout songs of 2016 will definitely allow you experiencing difference while training.

Thus, let us start training!  

“Make Me like You”

Authors: Justin Tranter, Gwen Stefani, Mattias Larsson, Julia Michaels, Robin Fredriksson

Singer: Gwen Stefani

Album title: This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Length: 3:36

Genre: Disco, pop

Label: Interscope

“Make Me like You” is a one of the best workout songs of 2016. Gwen Stefani recorded this track for her third LP. The song also features Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Robin Frediksson, and Mattias Larsson. This disco and pop song disco song integrates various influences of light rock into its sound, which consists of digital harps and chiming guitars together with a beach-like tune.

Thus, such a thing will undoubtedly make your training more vivid and energetic. If we talk about the lyrics, it actually depicts various themes on finding new love again after a cracked and unhappy relationship. Generally, “Make Me like You” has got many positive reviews from critics. Most of all they liked the song's radio-friendly and upbeat vibe.

“Hello Bitches”

Authors: Lee Chae-rin, Teddy Park, Jean-Baptiste, Danny Chung

Singer: CL

Album title: Lifted

Length: 2:58

Genre: Rap, hip-hop

Label: YG School Boy

Producer: Park

Having been released, “Hello Bitches” song by the greatest South Korean songwriter and musician became one of the most admired gym workout songs worldwide. CL managed to make a kind of Adele-like opening with her solo rap single “Hello Bitches”.

The self-assurance that Chaelin Lee is displaying her rapping will undoubtedly get you motivated during every day workouts. Specialists recommend that you should listen to this track at the beginning of your exercising. 


Author: Ilya Salmanzadeh,   Demi Lovato, Max Martin

Singer: Demi Lovato

Album title: Confident

Length: 3:25

Genre: Pop, pop rock

Label: Hollywood, Republic Safehouse

Producer: Ilya, Max Martin

Another super motivational workout song in our list is called “Confident”. It is actually included into fifth LP by amazing Dallas musician Demi Lovato. The track has become extremely popular in many gyms in various countries including the United States, Canada, Belgium, Scotland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and many others.

If you like to feel extremely good during your exercising, then Demi Lovato`s music will surely make you feel good. Listening to one of the most powerful songs tracks of 2016 year, you’ll be in shape very quickly. Sportsmen like “Confident” so much, that it was even used as a soundtrack for one of the matches of the Women's Championship at Wrestlemania 32.

“I’m From Long Beach”

Author: Calvin Broadus

Singer: Snoop Dogg

Length: 2:52

Genre: West coast hip hop

Label: Doggystyle S & L Music

Almost no other song can motivate you to start trainings as “I'm from Long Beach” by one of the best US West Coast singers Snoop Dogg. This hip hop workout song was actually released at the beginning of 2016.

Nevertheless, it has immediately become hit amongst many professional and amateur sportsmen. This swift track will help you to both get ripped and start dreaming of amazing summer once again.

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Author: Max Martin, Adele Adkins

Singer: Adele

Album title: 25

Length: 3:43

Genre: Pop

Label: XL

Producer: Max Martin

Adele has made all gym goers happy releasing her “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”. The track was made public in May 2016. It is an amazing and highly motivating hip hop song with extremely up-tempo and rhythmic sound.

Though this single depicts the singers quarrel with her boyfriend, it really rejoices while doing physical exercises.

“Something about You”

Author: Jordan and Majid

Band: Majid Jordan

Album title: Majid Jordan

Length: 3:42

Genre: Contemporary R & B

Producer: Drake

“Something about you” is also one of the most popular motivational workout songs of 2016. As a producer, Drake made his best to make this track really encouraging and amazing. In this song the members of the band easily make catchy jams.

This duo’s latest track will make your hair whipping back and forth during extensive workout.


Authors: Beyonce, Knowles Noel

Singer: Beyonce

Album title: Platinum Edition and More Only

Length: 3:33

Genre: Trap, hip hop

Label: Columbia

Producer: Detail, Bobby Johnson, Sidney Swift

This Beyonce song has many hip hop elements which will surely help to add excitement to all your physical training. Though the song itself has got not the best critics reviews, it still has been considering being one of the best workout songs of 2016.

For instance, 2016 NBA World Champion LeBron James has recently admitted that when the prominent rapper Jay Z recommended him star training with this Beyonce`s song, he immediately agreed. The best basketball player in the world still uses “7/11” to support his daily exercises.


Authors: Peter Svensson, Savan Kotecha

Singer: Ariana Grande

Album title: Dangerous Woman

Length: 3:45

Genre: Pop, hip hop

Label: Republic

Producers: Max Martin, Ilya

Originally, Ariana Grande`s song was planned to be the lead single from her third LP. However, this song became the album`s lead track. “”Focus” peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Grande's 6th top-ten single.

In 2016, this perfect song for daily workouts has also become a winner of the Best Song to Dance. Undoubtedly, Ariana Grande simply desires to focus everyone on fitness.

“Cheap Thrills”

Authors: Sia Furler Greg Kurstin

Singer: Sia

Album title: This Is Acting

Length: 3:44

Genre: Synthpop

Label: Monkey Puzzle, Inertia, RCA

Producer: Greg Kurstin

With her newest pop gem, Sia invites everyone to dance through the pain of lifting weights. It’s an ideal push for practicing your dance moves and burning off all holiday sweet-stuff.

“Cheap Thrills” is an energetic and reggae-tinged synthpop song that undoubtedly integrates electro pop-style synth layers with real constant tropical beat.  

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