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DJ Quik releases new song “Black Friday”

DJ Quik releases new song “Black Friday”

The prominent American rapper and producer discusses both racial and social issues that weigh on the black community in his expressive new song titled “Black Friday”.

DJ Quik commented on the release as the following:

“I composed this piece because I don't like the tumultuous air surrounding Black People. Someone had to speak up for the African American community on this “Black Friday” and I elect me to do so”.

In addition, the rapper called Donald Trump to be a severe racist. In “Black Friday” DJ Quik`s friends Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur are also mentioned.   

In particular, the singer is rapping:

“I look around and the whole scene different

It seems like life is different

What's wrong with us?

Why do police want to kill us”.

Since 1991, the rapper has already released nine studio albums, one live album and one EP.

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