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“Royksopp” reveals new amusing “Never Ever” clip

“Royksopp” reveals new amusing “Never Ever” clip

The well-known Norwegian twosome has finally revealed their surreal music video.

“Never Ever” is also featured by well-known singer Susanne Sundfør.

“Royksopp” made public its “Never Ever” single at the beginning of September. It was their initial song since the duo`s last studio album “The Inevitable End” released in 2014. At that time “Royksopp” reported that they had been no longer interested in making full-length albums. However, everything has changed.

This self-directed music video uses beautifully campy special effects. Egregious use of superimposition and psychedelic neon backgrounds go perfectly with disco of “Never Ever”. There also such weird characters in the clip as a knock-off Daft Punk robot dancing in and out of the fantasy, and an old man jamming on a Gibson SG.

In addition, “Royksopp” made special digital trading cards to escort the video as well as Spotify playlists for all  clip's characters. They were drawn by four diverse performers (Sane Phoenix, Rosie Preston, Jonathan Supajirawatananon, and Tom Bonnington).

Moreover, one of the duo members Torbjørn Brundtland commented on the new music video as the following:

“The whole idea of us going away from the whole album concept was that we do have a lot of musical expressions that we want to do. One of them might be a club track, but we don't inevitably want to do an album of it. It's that way with “Never Ever” – we love it, but we don't need twelve tracks like it”.


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