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20 Best Songs of 2000s

In 2000s too many amazing songs were released. The best singers in various genres did their best to make their songs real hits. Thus, it is quite difficult even for a professional critic to compose the list of the best 2016 songs. However, top charts winners will help us to make a final decision.


Best motivational workout songs 2016

If your workout becomes monotonous and routine, there is a great way out. Your fitness regimen and attitude to sport can be quickly changed if you your workout songs playlist will be updated with the best workout song of 2016. And we will gladly help you with it.


Top 10 Jay Z's Music Videos

Sensational debut of Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z in 1996 marked the beginning of his swift and very prolific career. He releases an album every year, with millions of records sold, catapulting remarkable hits like a machine gun.


Best 2Pac's Music Videos

During his life this legendary rapper gained worldwide fame. In addition to a musical career, he was engaged in acting and starred in several films. Tupac Shakur acted under various pseudonyms: 2Pac, MC New York and Makaveli. His life story was very complex, and he sang about it in all his hits.