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Immerse Yourself in music with AudioNaij

We are a global portal that brings music into your life wherever you are. At you can download music or listen your favorite songs online absolutely for free. Millions of tracks, albums and artists of all time are now available at our world-class resource scoping every style, genre, instrumentation and mood. Whether you are found of Latin jazz, heavy metal, or country, when you are browsing Audio Naij, you will certainly find exactly what you need.

Discover play lists lovingly gathered by people who love music, just like you.

Music you are hunting for

Fresh hits are always available at our portal: Music Naij provides you with a free access to new albums and songs as soon as they are released.

Moreover, here you will find the most popular contemporary and old-time hits: from classical Beatles and ABBA songs to the latest albums of Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

If you are looking for something special, like music for traveling, celebrating, or meditation, check amazing music compilations and play lists we have composed for you. Here you will certainly find a melody for every occasion.

Also, Nigerian visitors from all over the world can enjoy their favorite Nigerian music.

A great variety of genres

Millions of amazing free songs are available for listening and download at Now music of all genres is gathered in one place for your convenience. Our list fits every taste, whether you like jazz, rock, pop, electronic, dance, new age, blues, country, hip hop, folk music or anything else. Check out the most popular music genres below:

  • Hip-hop. Are you in the mood for rap, east coast or west coast? Then download or listen online your favorite songs by Eminem, 50 Cent, 2Pac or Kanye West.
  • Pop. Want to dance or sing along with Michael Jackson, Shakira and Rihanna? Hurry up and check our pop music collection.
  • Rock. Let’s make some noise with your favorite rockers like Linkin Park, Coldplay and AC/DC!